Andreas Walther (Universität Freiburg): Autonomous, out-of-equilibrium self-assemblies and material systems with programmable lifetimes

Brigitte Voit (IPF Dresden): Multifunctional and responsive hydrogels as selective compartments and actuators in microfluidic applications

Igor Kulic (CNRS, ICS, Strasbourg): Animated soft matter- Nanomotor driven materials and the wheel within

Julian Thiele (IPF Dresden): Design of microscopic polymer materials by droplet microfluidics and additive manufacturing for cell-free biotechnology

Mike Hambsch (TU Dresden, cfaed): Engineering solution processes for high-performance organic devices

Sven Wießner (IPF Dresden/TU Dresden): Functional elastomeric composites as smart materials

Marina Grenzer (IPF Dresden): Versatile photomechanical response of azobenzene polymers

Martin Kaltenbrunner (Universität Linz): Bioinspired soft electronics and machines

Yixin Zhang (TU Dresden, B CUBE): Electronic conductive hydrogel

Volker Busskamp (TU Dresden, CRTD): Engineering functional human neuronal circuits

Franziska Lissel (IPF Dresden): Metal centers as functional components in electronic materials

Aránzazu del Campo (Leibniz-INM Saarbrücken): Optoregulated cellular microenvironments

Manfred Maitz (IPF Dresden): Adaptive hydrogels to control blood coagulation and inflammation

Elisha Krieg (IPF Dresden): Stimuli-responsive DNA-acrylamide copolymers for selective catch and release of molecular targets


You can download the program here.