Material Theory and Modeling

Speaker of the research area

PD Dr. Marina Grenzer (Saphiannikova)
+49 351 4658 597 +49 351 4658 752


Alena Ivanova
+49 (351) 4658 747 +49 (351) 4658 752


The research area "Material Theory and Modeling" is engaged in application-oriented studies of functional polymer materials, which exhibit a strong sensitivity to magnetic, electromagnetic and mechanical fields. Azobenzene polymers and organic semi-conductors are of paramount interest as both enable transformation of light energy into mechanical or electric energy. We study the relationship between the microstructure and macroscopic properties of these materials by analytical and computer simulation techniques. Other research direction is devoted to the modeling of mechanical behavior of polymer melts and networks filled with rigid particles, whereby magnetizable particles render additional sensitivity to the magnetic field. By the magnetoactive materials the emphasis is put on analytical and numerical studies of field-induced changes in a shape of the sample and its mechanical moduli.