Specific function by macromolecular design, Brigitte Voit, macromolecular chemistry (IPF)
Photopatternable block copolymer film on silica
Spheric molecule of a dendrimer with 16 maltose units
Electrospun fibres (cooperation with T.E. Long, USA)

We focus on the synthesis and characterization of new polymers for specific applications. Various synthetic routes are utilized to create multifunctional polymer architectures with far-reaching control over functionality, structure and morphology. Synthetic endeavors are supported by advanced structural analysis and molar mass characterization.

Defined Polymer Architectures:

Dendritic glycopolymers are developed to undergo specific bio-interactions and are studied with regard to their application in therapeutics, diagnostics, and sensorics. Responsive and bioactive hydrogels are prepared and surface immobilization techniques are developed for their use in biomedical applications.

Control of Nanostructure and Morphology:

We work to control the nanostructure, self-assembly behavior and morph-ology of new polymer architectures in solid state, thin films, and solution. Chemical and supramolecular structure design principles, as well as advanced polymer synthesis strate-gies are applied to realize this goal. Advanced polymer and nanostructure characterization is used to unravel structure-property relations.