Biomaterial innovation for medicine and technology, Hans-Peter Wiesmann, biomaterials (TUD IFWW)
Cells on titanium surface
Microtissue in fibrillar matrix scaffold
Focal adhesion complexes of osteoblasts on titanium surface

Biomaterial Innovation comprises the development of both high-tech material solutions for technical applications and bioactive materials for medical applications. We work towards these aims with researchers specialized in biomaterials development, biomime-tic materials and biomaterial analytics, corrosion, surfaces, and thin layers.

Bioinspired Hybrid Materials:

Looking to nature for Biomaterial Innovation, future materials should demonstrate similar flexibility and toughness to that seen in living organisms. We aim to answer the question of how to apply nature`s principles of material construction to designing hybrid or self-healing materials such as those involved in biomineralization.

Solutions for Medical Applications:

Professional planning and detailed development of Biomaterial Innovations can be provided for many different medical disciplines (dentistry, orthopedics and regenerative medicine). This includes strategies for bone replacement materials, implant modifications and scaffolds for guided tissue regeneration and engineering.

Surface Technology and Interface Biology:

Material surfaces are important as they interact with the environment. Here, Biomaterial Innovations can improve both interface biology and surface interactions in technical devices.