Rotating-compensator multiwavelenght ellipsometer M-2000VI

(J.A. Woollam Co., Inc.)

The M-2000 is a Diode Array Rotating Compensator Ellipsometer (J. A. Woollam Co. Inc., Lincoln, USA) in PCSA configuration equipped with an automatic computer-controlled goniometer and a horizontally mounted sample stage. The angle of incidence can be set continuously in the range from 45 to 90°. Light sources are a deuterium lamp (wavelength range: 245 nm – ca. 900 nm) and a halogen lamp (400 nm – 1700 nm). Accurate measurements over the full Δ and Ψ range can be acquired (Δ= 0° - 360°; Ψ= 0° - 90°). Typical measurement times range between 1 and 5 seconds and the wavelength resolution of the device is 1.6 nm.