Title Furfuryl- and maleimido polysaccharides: Synthetic strategies toward functional biomaterials
Date 05.12.2018
Number 56033
Abstract In context with facile and efficient syntheses of functional polymeric materials, the combination of polysaccharides and functional moieties based on renewable resources is a sustainable and valuable approach. This review presents alternatives to prominent click reactions utilizing biopolymer derivatives with furfuryl and maleimide groups. On the one hand, the cross–linking by Diels–Alder reaction of these polymers enables the synthesis of novel materials in the fields of self–healing polymers, tissue engineering, and drug delivery. On the other hand, thiol–ene click reactions allow their conjugation to complex (bio)molecules. Different synthetic strategies are reviewed and the applicability of functional materials is evaluated.
Publisher Macromolecular Bioscience
Citation Macromolecular Bioscience 18 (2018) ID1800258
Authors Elschner, T. ; Obst, F. ; Heinze, T.

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