Title Incorporation of DNA/PEI polyplexes into gelatin/chitosan hydrogel scaffolds: a µ-DSC study
Date 28.03.2017
Number 53203
Abstract Polyplexes between a double-stranded Salmon DNA and hyperbranched poly(ethyleneimine) (PEI) as well as a maltosylated PEI-Mal were incorporated into a gelatin/chitosan hydrogel scaffold. Calorimetric experiments of the polyplexes show a decrease of the melting temperature in presence of PEI and a peak splitting in presence of PEI-Mal, which can be interpreted to a partial compaction of the DNA strands in presence of PEI-Mal. When the polyplexes are incorporated into a gelatin/chitosan scaffold in the swollen state, the DNA melting peaks at 90 and 93 °C, respectively, indicate in both cases the release of the DNA at the surface of the hydrogel scaffold in a more compact form. Specific interactions between the PEI-Mal shell and gelatin are responsible for the tuning of the release properties in presence of the maltose units in the hyperbranched PEI.
Publisher Composite Interfaces
Identifier 0
Citation Composite Interfaces (2017) p.1-11
Authors Rumschöttel, J. ; Baus, S. ; Kosmella, S. ; Appelhans, D. ; Koetz, J.
Tags dna-pei polyplexes maltosylated poly(ethyleneimine) µ-dsc dna release gelatin/chitosan hydrogel scaffold

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