Title Unique nanopetals of nickel vanadate: crystal structure elucidation and supercapacitive performance
Date 13.07.2017
Number 51883
Abstract Development of oxides and hydroxides based on d-block transition elements has been a successful strategy in enhancing supercapacitive performance with stability. Porous 3D nanoarchitectures of the above materials have further amplified the properties. Herein, we report the fabrication of a novel unique array of nickel vanadate nanopetals by a facile, sequential hydrothermal method. Its crystallographic parameters, such as phase and bond distances/angles, have been explored. XPS study confirms the exchange of electrolytic ions in charge–discharge. Morphology studies show the petal thickness to be about 100 nm with a channel width of 200 nm. It shows remarkable specific capacitance (1252 F g-1), specific power (8.11 kW kg-1), specific energy (43.47 W h kg-1) and retention of specific capacitance (~97%) after one day of voltage floating. These enhanced values make it a promising electrode material for next generation energy storage application.
Publisher New Journal of Chemistry
Identifier 0
Citation New Journal of Chemistry 41 (2017) 5620-5627
Authors Nandi, D. ; Minoj, G. ; Simon, F. ; Pionteck, J.

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