Title Formation mechanism and dynamics in polymer surface gratings
Date 08.05.2002
Number 416
Abstract We present the results of time-dependent x-ray and visible light (VIS) scattering measurements during formation of surface relief-rating (SRG). These gratings are formed on polymer films containing azobenzene side groups during pulselike exposure With a holographic pattern of circularly polarized light at 488 nm. The SRG formation is accompanied by a density grating just below the film surface. Assuming viscoelastic flow, a change in polymer's elastic properties upon light exposure can explain the massive material transport. Finite element calculations reveal a dynamic model of grating formation characterized by different relaxation times. The simultaneous formation of a surface relief grating and of a density grating explains quantitatively the findings of the VIS experiment, but only qualitatively the findings of the x-ray measurements.
Publisher Physical Review / E
Citation Physical Review / E 65 (2002) 052801, 4 pages
Authors Geue, TM; Saphiannikova, M. ; Henneberg, O; Pietsch, U; Rochon, PL; Natansohn, AL;

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