Title Strength of CFRP open hole laminates made from NCF, TFP and braided preforms under cyclic tensile loading
Date 01.07.2010
Number 16263
Abstract Tensile tests and tension–tension cyclic tests were performed on carbon fibre reinforced plastics open-hole laminates. Specimens made from non-crimp fabric preforms, tailored fibre placement preforms and braided preforms in three different lay-up configurations ([+45]8 s, [+45/0/?45]6 s, [0/90]8 s) were investigated and compared. The laminates were manufactured using a vacuum assisted processing technology and Hexcel RTM6 epoxy resin. Tensile strength and residual tensile strength values were measured and compared with unnotched specimens in order to evaluate the notch sensitivity. To evaluate deterioration during cyclic testing a two-dimensional digital image correlation system was used to capture deformation images of the specimen surface in the open-hole area. Observed similarities and differences in deformation and in load–elongation graphs of the tested specimens are discussed.
Publisher Plastics, Rubber and Composites
Citation Plastics, Rubber and Composites 39 (2010) 247-255
Authors Uhlig, K. ; Spickenheuer, A. ; Gliesche, K. ; Karb, I.
Tags polymer composite mechanical properties material testing

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