Authors Wetzel, P.; Sambale, A. K.; Uhlig, K.; Stommel, M.; Schneider, B.; Kaiser, J.-M.
Title Hygromechanical Behavior of Polyamide 6.6: Experiments and Modeling
Date 12.08.2023
Number 0
Abstract This paper investigates water absorption in polyamide 6.6 and the resulting hygroscopic swelling and changes in mechanical properties. First, sorption and swelling experiments on specimens from injection molded plates are presented. The observed swelling behavior is dependent on the melt flow direction of the injection molding process. Additionally, thermal analysis and mechanical tensile tests were performed for different conditioning states. The water sorption is accompanied by a decrease in the glass transition temperature and a significant reduction in stiffness and strength. Next, a sequentially coupled modeling approach is presented. A nonlinear diffusion model is followed by mechanical simulations accounting for swelling and concentration-dependent properties. For the mechanical properties, the notion of a “gap” temperature caused by the shift of the glass transition range due to water-induced plasticization is employed. This model enables the computation of local moisture concentration fields and the resultant swelling and changes in stress–strain behavior.
Publisher Polymers
Citation Polymers 15 (2023) 3387

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