Authors Hermes, I.; Krotkus, S.; Klasen, A.; Pasko, S.; Heuken, M.
Title Wafer-scale graphene on sapphire
How the substrate topography affects graphene’s electronic landscape
Date 26.07.2023
Number 0
Abstract Implementation of graphene into electronic devices requires wafer-scale fabrication of high-quality monolayers on insulating substrates. Here, we took a glance into the nanoscale electronic distribution of monolayer graphene grown on etched sapphire using sideband Kelvin probe force microscopy and observed a distinct correlation between the underlying substrate topography and the surface potential of graphene. We believe partial delamination of the monolayer around step edges locally reduces an adverse graphene-substrate interaction via hydroxyl groups, which results in a decreased surface potential and increased conductivity on the delaminated graphene. Graphene wrinkles, on the other hand, featured a variety of different potential distributions - likely depending on their individual folding structure.
Publisher Imaging and microscopy
Citation Imaging and Microscopy 25 (2023) 2-4

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