Authors Oosthuizen, H.; Jones, L.; Naseem, S.; Labuschagne, F. J. W.; Leuteritz, A.
Title Tailoring materials for their need: Sustainable layered double hydroxide polymer composites
Date 15.08.2023
Number 0
Abstract Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are popular functional fillers increasingly used in composite materials. They can be designed via metal and anion selection as well as the specific processing method to prepare structures with desired functional properties. This makes LDHs suitable for many different applications, including as flame-retardants, UV stabilizers, and anti-microbial agents in polymer nanocomposites as well as a photo-absorber in a solar cell. Here an overview of LDH synthesis and modification, composite preparation as well as characterization is given to highlight the unique ability for customization of LDH.
Publisher Journal of Polymer Science
Citation Journal of Polymer Science 61 (2023) 1749-1777

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