Authors Jia, J. ; Liu, J.-H. ; Wang, S. ; Zha, X.-J. ; Ke, K. ; Liu, Z.-Y. ; Pötschke, P. ; Yang, M.-B. ; Yang, W.
Title In-situ construction of high-modulus nanospheres on elastomer fibers for linearity-tunable strain sensing
Date 01.03.2022
Number 59604
Abstract Wearable strain sensors with high sensitivity and linear resistance signal response to strain are urgently demanded for human–machine interface, which can be tuned by introducing uneven surface mechanics distribution onto fiber surfaces via structural heterogeneity for fibrous elastomer fiber mat sensors. Yet it is still of great challenge to build micro- or nano-scale heterogeneous structures on fiber surfaces in a facile and scalable way without using templates. Herein, we report a plastic nanosphere-decorated elastomer fiber mat strain sensor with a zoned surface strain energy release characteristic, designed based on analysis of material match and structural mechanics. Surface mechanics analysis confirms that the as-designed sensor shows a controllable strain energy release area, significantly improving sensing stability thanks to effective restriction of micro-crack propagation in conductive pathways. In particular, fibrous mat sensor with high-density nanospheres shows very low fluctuation in strain sensitivity variation (±0.05 for strain = 30 %), i.e., good linearity in the resistance response to strain, while that for the control sensor is ± 10.0 for strain = 16 %. Such a fiber mat strain sensor can not only be applied for real-time sensing of object deformations for human–machine interface and intelligent control, but also in hydrophobic porous elastomeric packaging materials and triboelectric devices.
Publisher Chemical Engineering Journal
Citation Chemical Engineering Journal 431, Part 4 (2022) Article Number: 133488

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