Authors Klumperman, B. ; Pfukwa, R. ; Lederer, A.
Title Statistical, alternating and gradient copolymers
Macromolecular Engineering, Matyjaszewski, K.; Gnanou, Y.; Hadjichristidis, N.; Muthukumar, M., ed.
Date 21.10.2022
Number 59257
Abstract Statistical and alternating copolymers are very common materials that have been investigated extensively over many decades. In this contribution, an overview of the synthesis, characterization, and application of such polymers is provided. In more recent times, with the advent of reversible deactivation radical polymerization, gradient copolymers have gained significant attention. Similarities and differences between the conventional copolymers and their gradient counterparts are discussed. Also here, the emphasis is on synthesis, characterization, and application of the materials.
Publisher Wiley
Citation Wiley Second Edition (2022)

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