Authors Moreno, S. ; Voit, B. ; Gaitzsch, J.
Title The chemistry of cross-linked polymeric vesicles and their functionalisation towards biocatalytic nanoreactors
Date 01.03.2021
Number 58635
Abstract Self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers into polymersomes continues to be a hot topic in modern research on biomimetics. Their well-known and valued mechanical strength can be increased even further if they are cross-linked. These additional bonds prevent a collapse or disassembly of the polymersomes and open the way towards smart nanoreactors. A variety of chemistries have been applied to obtain the desired cross-linked polymersomes, and therefore, the chemical approaches performed over time will be highlighted in this mini-review. Due to the large number of studies, a selected set of photo-cross-linked and pH-sensitive polymersomes will be specifically highlighted. This system has proven to be a very potent candidate for the formation of nanoreactors and drug delivery systems, and even for the formation of functional multicompartment cell mimics.
Publisher Colloid and Polymer Science
Wikidata Q106255021
Citation Colloid and Polymer Science 299 (2021) 309-324

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