Authors Lenz, J. ; Pospiech, D. ; Paven, M. ; Albach, R. ; Voit, B.
Title Influence of the catalyst concentration on the chemical structure, the physical properties and the fire behavior of rigid polyisocyanurate foams
Date 01.07.2020
Number 58421
Abstract In this paper, the role of trimerization in polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams and its impact on the physical properties and the fire behavior is discussed. The degree of trimerization was systematically varied using different catalyst concentrations. The enhanced formation of isocyanurate structures through higher catalyst concentrations leads to higher mechanical stability and improved fire behavior as measured by vertical flame spread according to DIN4102 and under forced flaming conditions in the cone calorimeter. A clear correlation between catalyst content, chemical structure of the foams (relative concentration of isocyanurate units representing crosslinking) and fire behavior is found.
Publisher Polymer Degradation and Stability
Wikidata Q99198519
Citation Polymer Degradation and Stability 177 (2020) 109168

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