Authors Pospiech, D. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Horn, C. ; Plötner, M.
Title Self-organizing semifluorinated polymers for organic electronics
Fascinating Fluoropolymers and Their Applications, B. Ameduri, S. Fomin, ed.
Date 13.03.2020
Number 57886
Abstract Fascinating Fluoropolymers and Their Applications covers recent developments of fluoropolymer applications in energy, optical fibers, blood substitutes, membranes and other areas as written by experts in these fields. As a volume in the Progress in Fluorine Science series, this resource is ideal for researchers and engineers who want to learn about the technology and applications of these special polymers, as well as industrial manufacturers who are interested in achieving new product characteristics in their respective industries. <br />The fascinating world of fluoropolymers and their applications<br />ISBN 978-0-12-821873-0
Publisher Elsevier
Citation Elsevier (2020) Chapter 8

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