Authors Zimmerer, C. ; Simon, F. ; Utech, T. ; Ziegler, L. ; Zimmermann, P. ; Müller, T. ; Heicke, S.
Title Umweltschonende Verfahrensalternative zur Kunststoffmetallisierung
Date 13.05.2019
Number 56581
Abstract The metallization of electrically non-conductive materials, in particular plastics, plays an important role for a large number of product lines and in a wide variety of business fields. Not all plastics can be metallized with the established metallization processes. A systematic innovation in the complex field of plastic metallization must offer a robust process, preserve the traditional interfaces to associated industries and disciplines, be resource-friendly, environment-oriented and as universally suitable as possible for a wide range of substrates. The newly developed pretreatment process of plastics as a single-step in metallization is based on the deposition of an adhesion-promoting layer from a bio-based polymer. This polymer layer adheres excellently to the plastic surfaces and offers a high number of functional groups for complexing the metal to be coated. The polymer is deposited from an aqueous solution by adsorption of the monomers on the plastic surface and polymerization in the presence of oxygen or other suitable oxidizing agents. The oxidative polymerization and the shrinkage of the formed polymer lead to firmly adhering layers already in the presence of the solvent water. Metallization can be performed immediately after pre-treatment or after storage of the pre-treated substrates by electroless or galvanic metal deposition.
Publisher GAK : Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe
Citation GAK : Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe 72 (2019) 198-204

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