Authors Schreiter, K. ; Birkner, M. ; Göring, M. ; Höhne, S.
Title Functionalized twin monomers and their application in materials synthesis
Twin Polymerization, Spange, S.; Mehring, M., ed.
Date 14.01.2019
Number 56182
Abstract Twin polymerization is a novel approach where two distinct polymers are produced from a single source monomer, thus being an excellent tool for the synthesis of hybrid materials. The author introduces the principles of various twin polymerization processes, their classification and practical use. The book is supplied with numerous individual examples, demonstrating the potential of this strategy in materials synthesis. <br /><br />Twin polymerization : new strategy for hybrid material synthesis<br />ISBN 978-3-11-049936-0
Publisher De Gruyter
Citation De Gruyter (2019) 273-332

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