Authors Sperling, C. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Werner, C.
Title Test methods for hemocompatibility of biomaterials
Hemocompatibility of biomaterials for clinical applications: Blood-biomaterial interactions, Siedlecki, C., ed.
Date 31.10.2017
Number 53164
Abstract Hemocompatibility of Biomaterials for Clinical Applications: Blood-Biomaterials Interactions summarizes the state-of-the-art on this important subject. The first part of the book reviews the latest research on blood composition and response, mechanisms of coagulation, test standards and methods. Next, the book assesses techniques for modifying biomaterial surfaces and developing coatings to improve hemocompatibility. In the final sections, users will find discussions on ways to improve the hemocompatibility of particular classes of biomaterials and a review of methods for improving medical devices. <br /><br />Hemocompatibility of biomaterials for clinical applications: Blood-biomaterial interactions<br />ISBN 978-0081004975
Publisher Woodhead Publishing
Citation Woodhead Publishing 1 (2017) 77-104

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