Authors Raguzin, I. ; Choudhury, S. ; Simon, F. ; Stamm, M. ; Ionov, L.
Title Effect of current collector on performance of Li-S batteries
Date 05.12.2016
Number 52575
Abstract Efficient, scalable energy storage systems such as lithium-sulfur batteries have become a technological bottleneck for the growing energy demands in automotive sector. To realize the ultimate performance of such batteries, the effect of all structural components of the batteries has to be considered. Nowadays the effect of current collectors appears to be less explored in the battery research field. Therefore, this report draws attention to exploit different current collectors such as, copper, aluminum, platinum, and nickel. It is found that nickel has a profound effect on the performance of the lithium-sulfur batteries by direct involvement in electrochemical reaction with soluble polysulfides leading to the formation of nickel sulfide. The formation of such unwanted species can be reduced dramatically by silane-surface modification. Aluminum and platinum, on the other hand, have been found to be the most inert collector toward the cycle performance because of nonreactivity within the potential window.
Publisher Advanced Materials Interfaces
Citation Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (2016) Art.No. 1600811

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