Authors Pospiech, D. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Chunsod, P. ; Friedel, P. ; Simon, F. ; Grundke, K.
Title Structure-property relations in semifluorinated poly(methacrylate)s
Fluorinated Polymers, Ameduri, B.; Sawada, H., ed.
Date 19.07.2016
Number 47563
Abstract Fluoropolymers display a wide range of remarkable properties and are used in a number of applications including high performance elastomers, thermoplastics, coatings for optical fibers, and hydrophobic and lipophobic surfaces. Fluorinated Polymers: Synthesis, Properties, Processing and Simulation covers the fundamentals of different fluorinated polymers. Topics include the kinetics of homopolymerisation and copolymerization, process chemistry, and controlled radical co-polymerisation techniques. Written by internationally recognized academic and industrial contributors, the book will be of interest to those in industry and academia working in the fields of materials science, polymer chemistry and energy applications of polymers. Together with Fluorinated Polymers: Applications, these books provide a complete overview of different fluorinated polymer materials and their uses.<br /><br />Chapter 8<br />Fluorinated Poymers : Volume 1: Synthesis<br />ISBN 978-1-78262-415-8
Publisher RSC Press
Citation RSC Press 1 (2016) 233-275

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