Authors Amornsudthiwat, P. ; Nitschke, M. ; Zimmermann, R. ; Friedrichs, J. ; Grundke, K. ; Pöschel, K. ; Damrongsakkul, S. ; Werner, C.
Title Comprehensive characterization of well-defined silk fibroin surfaces: Toward multitechnique studies of surface modification effects
Date 04.05.2015
Number 46343
Abstract The study aims at a comprehensive surface characterization of untreated and oxygen plasma-treated silk fibroin with a particular focus on phenomena relevant to biointeraction and cell adhesion. For that purpose, a range of advanced surface diagnostic techniques is employed to thoroughly investigate well-defined and especially clean silk fibroin samples in a comparable setting. This includes surface chemistry and surface charges as factors, which control protein adsorption, but also hydration and swelling of the material as important parameters, which govern the mechanical stiffness at the interface with aqueous media. Oxygen plasma exposure of silk fibroin surfaces reveals that material ablation strongly predominates over the introduction of functional groups even for mild plasma conditions. A substantial increase in mechanical stiffness is identified as the most prominent effect upon this kind of plasma treatment. Regarding the experimental approach and the choice of techniques, the work goes beyond previous studies in this field and paves the way for well-founded investigations of other surface-selective modification procedures that enhance the applicability of silk fibroin in biomedical applications.
Publisher Biointerphases
Citation Biointerphases 10 (2015) 029501
Tags double layers plasma materials processing natural fibers materials properties x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

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