Authors Thompson, M. ; Tsurkan, M. ; Chwalek, K. ; Bornhäuser, M. ; Schlierf, M. ; Werner, C. ; Zhang, Y.
Title Self-assembling hydrogels crosslinked solely by receptor-ligand interactions: Tunability, rationalization of physical properties and 3D cell culture
Date 16.02.2015
Number 45185
Abstract We report a novel, noncovalent hydrogel system crosslinked solely by receptor–ligand interactions between biotin and avidin. The simple hydrogel synthesis and functionalization together with the widespread use of biotinylated ligands in biosciences make this versatile system suitable for many applications. The gels possess a range of tunable physical properties, including stiffness, lifetime, and swelling. The erosion rates, unexpectedly fast compared to the kinetic parameters for biotin–avidin, are explored in terms of stretching tensions on the polymers, a concept well-known on the single-molecule level, but largely unexplored in supramolecular systems. As proof of utility, the gels were functionalized with different peptide sequences to control human mesenchymal stromal cell morphology in 3D culture.
Publisher Chemistry - A European Journal
Citation Chemistry - A European Journal 21 (2015) 3178-3182
Tags cell cultures gels polymers self-assembly supramolecular chemistry

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