Authors Tsurkan, M. ; Wetzel, R. ; Pérez-Hernández, H. ; Chwalek, K. ; Kozlova, A. ; Freudenberg, U. ; Kempermann, G. ; Zhang, Y. ; Lasagni, A. ; Werner, C.
Title Photopatterning of multifunctional hydrogels to direct adult neural precursor cells
Date 11.03.2015
Number 44562
Abstract Matrix-metalloproteinase and photosensitive peptide units are combined with heparin and poly(ethylene glycol) into a light-sensitive multicomponent hydrogel material. Localized degradation of the hydrogel matrix allows the creation of defined spatial constraints and adhesive patterning for cells grown in culture. Using this matrix system, it is demonstrated that the degree of confinement determines the fate of neural precursor cells in vitro.
Publisher Advanced Healthcare Materials
Citation Advanced Healthcare Materials 4 (2015) 516-521
Tags biohybrid hydrogels multilayer surfaces neural precursor cells photocleavable soft matter photopatterning

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