Authors Wan, G. ; Lv, Bo ; Jin, G. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Zhou, J. ; Huang, N.
Title Direct correlation of electrochemical behaviors with anti-thrombogenicity of semiconducting titanium oxide films
Date 10.01.2014
Number 41423
Abstract Biomaterials-associated thrombosis is dependent critically upon electrochemical response of fibrinogen on material surface. The relationship between the response and anti-thrombogenicity of biomaterials is not well-established. Titanium oxide appears to have good anti-thrombogenicity and little is known about its underlying essential chemistry. We correlate their anti-thrombogenicity directly to electrochemical behaviors in fibrinogen containing buffer solution. High degree of inherent n-type doping was noted to contribute the impedance preventing charge transfer from fibrinogen into film (namely its activation) and consequently reduced degree of anti-thrombogenicity. The impedance was the result of high donor carrier density as well as negative flat band potential.
Publisher Journal of Biomaterials Applications
Citation Journal of Biomaterials Applications 28 (2014) 719-728
Tags anti-thrombogenicity biomaterials-associated thrombosis blood compatibility interfacial charge transfer electrochemical behavior titanium oxide film

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