Authors Teichmann, J. ; Valtink, M. ; Nitschke, M. ; Gramm, S. ; Funk, R. ; Engelmann, K. ; Werner, C.
Title Tissue engineering of the corneal endothelium: a review of carrier materials
Date 23.10.2013
Number 39551
Abstract Functional impairment of the human corneal endothelium can lead to corneal blindness. In order to meet the high demand for transplants with an appropriate human corneal endothelial cell density as a prerequisite for corneal function, several tissue engineering techniques have been developed to generate transplantable endothelial cell sheets. These approaches range from the use of natural membranes, biological polymers and biosynthetic material compositions, to completely synthetic materials as matrices for corneal endothelial cell sheet generation. This review gives an overview about currently used materials for the generation of transplantable corneal endothelial cell sheets with a special focus on thermo-responsive polymer coatings.
Publisher Journal of Functional Biomaterials
Citation Journal of Functional Biomaterials 4 (2013) 178-208
Tags tissue engineering corneal endothelium corneal endothelial cell sheets natural membranes biological polymers thermo-responsive polymers physicochemical properties biomolecular functionalization

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