Authors Weibel, DB; Renner, LD; Eswaramoorthy, P; Krishnamurthy, K
Title Bacterial membrane curvature controls the formation of cardiolipin microdomains
Date 25.03.2012
Number 3018
Abstract Recent data suggests that bacteria use geometric cues for the localization of proteins and lipids. We have recently tested the hypothesis that membrane anisotropy occurs by mechanisms governed by physical and geometrical constrains. We found that microdomains of cardiolipin (CL) preferentially localize to regions of large, negative membrane curvature. In this presentation we characterize the response of CL microdomains to curvature and their function in protein localization. Using a top-down approach that combines in vivo and in vitro experiments, we present data for two functionally related bacterial division proteins, MinD (from Escherichia coli) and DivIVA (from Bacillus subtilis) that localize to regions of large membrane curvature in vivo. A critical difference in the radius of curvature DC >0.5 mm-1 is required to drive the polar localization of MinD and DivIVA. Our data provides support for curvature as a mechanism for regulating the spatial organization of biomolecules at bacterial membranes.
Publisher Abstracts of papers of the American Chemical Society
Citation Abstracts of papers of the American Chemical Society 243 (2012) COLL84

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