Authors Gahleitner, M. ; Kretzschmar, B. ; Van Vliet, G. ; Devaux, J. ; Pospiech, D. ; Bernreitner, K. ; Ingolic, E.
Title Rheology/Morphology Interactions in Polypropylene/Polyamide-6 Nanocomposites
Date 10.07.2006
Number 13385
Abstract Polypropylene/polyamide-6 (PP/PA-6) blends and their nanocomposites with unmodified and organically treated layered silicates (montmorillonite) were prepared in a melt compounding process to explore their mechanical performance. The rheology and morphology of these materials was studied. It could be shown that in all cases the inorganic filler enriched in the PA phase, resulting in a phase coarsening of the PP/PA nanocomposite as compared to the non-filled PP/PA blend. The mechanical properties of these nanoblends are consequently only slightly better than the pure polymers with respect to the modulus, while the impact level is below the pure polymers, reflecting the heterogeneity of the nanoblend.
Publisher Rheologica Acta
Wikidata 26
Citation Rheologica Acta 45 (2006) 322-330
Tags polypropylene polyamide-6 nanocomposite morphology mechanics mechanical-properties blends morphology rheology melt

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