Authors Pompe, T. ; Mitdank, C. ; Werner, C.
Title Quantitative analysis of fibronectin fibrillogenesis by endothelial cells on biomaterials
Date 28.06.2004
Number 11682
Abstract The pattern formation during the reorganization of fibronectin into fibrillar structures by endothelial cells was analysed in a quantitative way. Fibronectin was pre-adsorbed onto a maleic anhydride copolymer surface with a defined bond strength of fibronectin to the substrates in order to support its reorganization. Statistical analysis of quantitative image processing including autocorrelation analysis and single object measurement provided distinct parameters for the characterization of the process of fibronectin fibril formation. Periodicity and overall area of reorganized fibrils, and number of long fibrils are suggested as parameters for describing the impact of the variation of the fibronectin–substrate bond strength on the fibrillogenesis by endothelial cells.
Publisher Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter
Citation Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 16 (2004) S2421-S2426

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