Authors Schmaljohann, D. ; Oswald, J. ; Jörgensen, B. ; Nitschke, M. ; Beyerlein, D. ; Werner, C.
Title Thermo-Responsive Hydrogels for Controlled Cell Adhesion and Detachment
Date 03.11.2003
Number 11487
Abstract The stimuli-responsive surface-immobilized hydrogels based on PNiPAAm-g-PEG or PDEAAm-g-PEG have been utilized as fast responding hydrogels, which allow to detach mouse fibroblasts from the substrate without enzymatic treatment. The surface-immobilized hydrogels were prepared by low-pressure plasma treatment of the spincoated films. The relatively large content of PEG (15 - 20 wt.-%) is attributed to support this fast detachment, which is caused by the collapse of the thermo-responsive polymer. Furthermore, the PEG allows to maintain certain hydrogel properties even above the transition temperature.<br /><br />Assembly and Applications of Soft Interfaces<br />The 226th ACS National Meeting, New York, NY, September 7-11, 2003
Publisher Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering
Citation Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 89 (2003) 255-256
Tags MBC_Plasma

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