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1.Satpathi, H.; Pospiech, D.; Banerjee, S.; Voit, B.
Decomposition and combustion studies of phosphine oxide containing aromatic polyethers mehr
Polymer Degradation and Stability 107 (2014) 53-63
2.Hoffmann, T.; Bellmann, C.; Caspari, A.; Geißler, U.; Lehmann, D.
Stability of oil-based dispersions containing poly(tetrafluoroethylene) micropowder mehr
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 457 (2014) 297-306
3.Kapgate, B. P.; Das, C.; Basu, D.; Das, A.; Heinrich, G.; Reuter, U.
Effect of silane integrated sol-gel derived in situ silica on the properties of nitrile rubber mehr
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 131 (2014) Advance Article
4.Karakashev, S. I.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Tsekov, R.; Heinrich, G.; Phan, C. M.
Tribology of thin wetting films between bubble and moving solid surface mehr
Advances in Colloid and Interfaces Science 210 (2014) 39-46
5.Elmahdy, Mahdy M.; Drechsler, A.; Bittrich, E.; Uhlmann, P.; Stamm, M.
Interactions between silica particles and poly(2-vinylpyridine) brushes in aqueous solutions of monovalent and multivalent salts mehr
Colloid and Polymer Science 292 (2014) 1999-2012
6.Hijazi, A. K.; Taha, Z. A.; Ajlouni, A.; Radha Krishnan, N.; Voit, B.; Kühn, F. E.
Improved synthesis, characterization and catalytic application of [H(OEt2)2][B{C6H3(m-CF3)2}4] mehr
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 763-764 (2014) 65-68
7.Singh, A.; Mukherjee, R.; Banerjee, S.; Komber, H.; Voit, B.
Sulfonated polytriazoles from a new fluorinated diazide monomer and investigation of their proton exchange properties mehr
Journal of Membrane Science 469 (2014) 225-237
8.Grenzer, M.; Toshchevikov, V.; Gazuz, I.; Petry, F.; Westermann, S.; Heinrich, G.
Multiscale approach to dynamic-mechanical analysis of unfilled rubbers mehr
Macromolecules 47 (2014) 4813-4823
9.Taurino, R.; Fabbri, E.; Pospiech, D.; Synytska, A.; Messori, M.
Preparation of scratch resistant superhydrophobic hybrid coatings by sol-gel process mehr
Progress in Organic Coatings (2014) Article in press
10.Basu, D.; Das, A.; George, J. J.; Wang, De-Yi; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Wagenknecht, U.; Leuteritz, A.; Kutlu, B.; Reuter, U.; Heinrich, G.
Unmodified LDH as reinforcing filler for XNBR and the development of flame-retardant elastomer composites mehr
Rubber Chemistry and Technology 87 (2014) Article in press
11.Gräfe, D.; Gaitzsch, J.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.
Cross-linked polymersomes as nanoreactors for controlled and stabilized single and cascade enzymatic reactions mehr
Nanoscale (2014) Accepted Manuscript
12.Zheng, Q.-B.; Li, Z.; Yang, J.; Kim, Jang-Kyo
Graphene oxide-based transparent conductive films mehr
Progress in Materials Science 64 (2014) 200-247
13.Shabanian, M.; Kang, N.-J.; Liu, J.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.; Wang, De-Yi
Bio-based semi-aromatic polyamide/functional clay nanocomposites: preparation and properties mehr
RSC Advances 4 (2014) 23420-23427
14.Woltmann, B.; Torger, B.; Müller, M.; Hempel, U.
Interaction between immobilized polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles and human mesenchymal stromal cells mehr
International Journal of Nanomedicine 9 (2014) 2205-2215
15.Schmidt, G. C.; Höft, D.; Haase, K.; Hübler, A. C.; Karpov, E.; Tkachov, R.; Stamm, M.; Kiriy, A.; Haidu, F.; Zahn, D. R. T.; Yan, H.; Facchetti, A.
Naphthalenediimide-based donor-acceptor copolymer prepared by chain-growth catalysttransporting properties and application in printed polymer transistors mehr
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (2014) 5149-5154
16.Sharma, M.; Gao, S.-L.; Mäder, E.; Bijwe, J.
Carbon fiber surfaces and composite interphases mehr
Composites Science and Technology (2014) Article in press
17.He, Su-Zhen; Merlitz, H.; Wu, C.-X.
Aggregation of fullerence (C60) nanoparticle: A molecular-dynamic study mehr
Chinese Physics B 23 (2014) 048201
18.Gorelova, S.; Schaeben, H.; Kawalla, R.
Quantifying texture evolution during hot rolling of magnesium Twin Roll Cast strip mehr
Materials Science and Engineering / A 602 (2014) 134-142
19.Agrawal, M.; Choudhury, S.; Gruber, K.; Simon, F.; Fischer, D.; Albrecht, V.; Göbel, M.; Koller, S.; Stamm, M.; Ionov, L.
Porous carbon materials for Li-S batteries based on resorcinol - formaldehyde resin with inverse opal structure mehr
Journal of Power Soures 261 (2014) 363-370
20.Stribeck, N.; Schneider, K.; Zeinolebadi, A.; Li, X.; Sanporean, C.-G.; Vuluga, Z.; Iancu, S.; Duldner, M.; Santoro, G.; Roth, S.V.
Studying nanostructure gradients in injection-molded polypropylene/montmorillonite composites studied by microbeam small-angle x-ray scattering mehr
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 15 (2014) 015004 (11pp)

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