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January 8:
Dominik Hahn:
Photopattering of Multifunctional in situ hydrogels to demand cell growth and cell fate decisions
Natalie Haustein:
Microfluidic alignment and trapping of silicon nanowires for the fabrication of single-nanowire field effect transistors

February 05:
Mirko Nowak
Mammary epithelial morphogenesis inside starPEG-heparin based matrices
Andreas Gang
Towards silicon nanowire-based biosensing

March 05:
Ralf Helbig
Wetting and bacterial adhesion on bioinspired functionalized and structured polymer surfaces
Yangxi Fu
Nitrogen doped carbon nanotube sensors

April 09:
Ulrich Bonda Let's go 3D - How do we analyse our data
Stefanie Kelle Plasmonic Nano-Biosensors: Development and prototyping for innovative diagnostics of diseases

May 07:
Prof. Rinaldi (TU Dresden) Lab-on-Chip and biochips for genomics, proteomics and cellomics

June 04:
Diana Goncalves-Schmidt The Midas touch: The secrets behind gold nanorod synthesis
Carina Silva Microfluidic cell encapsulation and droplet based bacteria antibiotic tests

Summer Break

September 03
Heike Newland Tackling Cell Transplantation Anoikis: An Injectable, Shape Memory Cryogel Microcarrier Platform Material for Stem Celland Neuronal Cell Growth
Justus Kr├╝ger STM study of molecular n-dopants

October 01
Lars Renner Bacteria Cell Shape Memory under Mechanical Stress - Residual stresses regulate rod-like cell shape in bacteria
Luis Antonio Panes Ruiz Highly efficient carbon-nanostructures-based gas sensors for biomedical and other

November 05 Passant Atallah Synthesis and characterization of selectively desulfated heparin based in-situ scaffolds for wound healing applications Vyacheslav Khavrus Tailor-made carbon nanostructures for practical applications: our portfolio and new ideas

December 03 Ben Newland Synthesis, characterization and uses of polymer nanotubes
Frank Eisenhut STM measurements on passivated silicon and four-probe measurements

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