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January 15:
Bergoi Ibarlucea: Microfluidic lab on a chip systems for biosensing
Juliane Teichmann: Tissue engineering of the human corneal endothelium

February 6:
Stefan Gramm: Polymer films in 2D and 3D for biomedical applications
Hagen Eckert: Modeling of the photo-catalytic purification of organic components in wastewater

March 6:
Mirko Nitschke: Low pressure plasma based techniques for polymer surface modification and structuring
Benjamin Kruppke: Materials for tissue regeneration within systemically altered bone

April 10:
Steffen Vogler: "Home sweet home!" - How microfluidic and chemistry can help stray stem cells to find a new home
Sina Rößler: Biomimetic mineralization of gelatin in a one-way diffusion model for the preparation of nanocomposite scaffolds May 8:
Linda Hübner: Engineering the regenerative niche - from SPR measurement to a ECM design
Hans-Georg Braun: Preparation function and potential application of spiral microswimmers - A fantastic voyage approaches reality

June 5:
Eike Müller: Microcavity arrays of ECM-inspired scaffolds for the in vitro culture of hematopoietic stem cells
Poh Soo Lee: Developing a biomimetic bioreactor for bone tissue engineering

September 4:
Julian Thiele: DNA-functionalized hydrogels for confined membrane-free in vitro transcription / translation
Julia Nickerl: The hydrophobic cuticle chemistry of Collembola: inspiration for non-fouling coatings

October 9:
Heather Weber: Renal tubulogenesis model based on starPEG-heparin hydrogels
Rico Illing: A droplet based fluidic device for single Paramecia cell trapping and viability measurements

November 6:
Julian Schütt: Droplet-based microfluidics meet silicon nanowire sensors
David Gvaramia: 3D culture of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in starPEG-heparin(-peptide) hydrogels

December 4:
Valentina Magno: Cell-derived extracellular matrices for kidney tissue engineering
Eunhye Baek: Optoelectronic switching of nanowire-based hybrid organic/oxide/semiconductor field effect transistors

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