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January 10:
Petra Welzel: Macroporous starPEG-heparin cryogels Katrin Wagner: Establishment and parameter dependent testing of an in vitro 3D-angiogenesis model

February 21:
Thomas Rauscher: Electrochemical characterization of electrode materials for alkaline water electrolysis using conventional electrochemical methods and electrochemical STM Silvana Prokoph: Chemokine-functionalized starPEG-heparin hydrogels promote chemotaxis of proangiogenic cells

March 8: Ralf Helbig: Project springtail - wetting, adhesion and antifouling properties of collembolan cuticle Claudia Pahlke: Phages as a tool in receptor development for biosensing

April 18: Anja Henseleit: Surface Plasmon Resonance Hans-Georg Braun: 2-Photon Lithography - A versatile tool in micro- and nanostructure research

May 16: Suzanne Balko: Understanding the thiol-gold interaction when it is mediated by polymer chains: Surface forces experiments and MD simulations Jörg Neunzehn: Development of a putamen ovi- and hyaluronan- based bone-regenerative-material

June 6: Daijiro Nozaki: Multiscale modeling of FET-based biosensors and Phakdee Amornsudthiwat: Surface modification to improve biocompatibility of Thai silk fibroin

September 5: Bergoi Ibarlucea: Monolithically integrated polymeric Lab-on-(Bio)Chips with photonic/electrochemical detection

Oktober 10: Lucas Schirmer: Fooling the macrophages - Glycosaminoglycan-hydrogels to modulate inflammation in chronic wounds and Sebastian Pregl: Parallel arrays of silicon nanowire field effect transistors for biosensor applications

November 7: Zeljko Janicijevic: Impedance flow cytometer for on-chip detection and counting of bacteria and Benjamin Newland: Designing biomaterials for applications in gene therapies for parkinson’s disease

December 5: Laura Bray: Cancer models and corneas - Now showing in 3D and Jörg Meyer: Investigation of molecular Kondo systems by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy

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