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Sanket Vijay Chougale

Institute Theory of Polymers
+49 351 4658 793133 +49 351 4658 752

Fields of Research

  • Actoric action mechanism of magneto-sensitive fibre-rubber composites
  • Instabilities in extrusion film casting process
  • Mechanical properties of polyolefin



Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Chemical Engineering,
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology,
Savitribai Phule Pune University,
Pune, India.

08.2011-05.2015Bachelor of (B.E.) Chemical Engineering,
D. Y. Patil College of Engineering & Technology,
Shivaji University,
Kolhapur, India.


Sanket Chougale, Dirk Romeis, Marina Saphiannikova:
Magneto-Mechanical Enhancement of Elastic Moduli in Magnetoactive Elastomers with Anisotropic Microstructures
Materials 15 (2022) 645

Sanket Chougale, Dirk Romeis, Marina Saphiannikova:
Field-Induced Transversely Isotropic Shear Response of Ellipsoidal Magnetoactive Elastomers
Materials 14 (2021) 3958

Sanket Chougale, Dirk Romeis, Marina Saphiannikova:
Transverse isotropy in magnetoactive elastomers.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 523 (2021) 167597

Sanket Chougale, Dhammaraj Rokade, Tanushree Bhattacharjee, Harshawardhan Pol, Renu Dhadwal:
Non-isothermal analysis of extrusion film casting using multi-mode Phan-Thien Tanner constitutive equation and comparison with experiments.
Rheologica Acta 57 (2018) 493–503