Research Group Smart & Functional Elastomers

Fields of Work

This research group works for the understanding of rubber network formation/rubber-filler interactions and are focusing on the design of functional elastomeric materials to guide and integrate different smart functionalities such as, electrical conductivity, dielectric properties, thermal stability, thermal conductivity, optical and tensile properties. In addition, research interest of the group extends further toward the utilization of different chemical functionalities of the polymer chains to exercise on non-covalent network structures for the development of smart rubbers, most notably, self-healing elastomers. Finally, we actively investigate on the sustainable development of rubber products employing the principles of greener approach that involves rubber recycling and the utilization sustainable raw rubber ingredients. The following research themes are the group’s current areas of focus.

Sensors, Actuators, Tribo- & Piezoelectric Generators

Environment friendly sustainable elastomers

Dynamic Network Systems (Self-healing elastomers)



Group Members

  • Dr. Injamamul Arief
  • Anik Kumar Ghosh
  • Subhradeep Mandal
  • Moaiad Al-Aiti
  • Sakrit Hait

Head of Research Group

Dr. Amit Das
+49 351 4658 579 +49 351 4658 362