Research Group Mechanics and Structure of Elastomeric Materials

Fields of Work

Tear Fatigue Analyser for fatigue crack growth analysis of elastomers

Predictive and advanced laboratory testing is a key to characterize and develop innovative elastomer concepts. Ideally, laboratory tests balance accuracy, relevance, instrument productivity and cost efficiency, while providing new mechanistic insights and modeling opportunities of overall material properties considering thereby their relation to process and material structure.

Specifically, the fields of work include but are not limited to

  • Mechanical testing under multiaxial loading conditions
  • Morphological and structural analysis due to deformation
  • Characterization of fatigue and fracture behavior

Further, the rapid advancement of simulation tools offers great perspectives to predict elastomer material behavior and lifetime performance based on unique data achieved by advanced testing methods in combination with upcoming opportunities of artificial intelligence.


  • Universal testing machines
  • Dynamic-Mechanical-Analyzer
  • Biaxial-Tester
  • Tear Fatigue Analyser
  • Customized side-equipment for in-situ dilatometry experiments, X-ray microtomography and X-ray scattering measurements
Stretched biaxial specimen
Notched pure shear specimen


DFG Project “MUSE - Mechanics of polymers using sensitive molecular force sensors”

Head of Research Group


Dr.-Ing. Eric Euchler
+49 351 4658 356 +49 351 4658 362