Research Group Heterophasic Elastomers

Almost every elastomer material used in technology is filled with nanoscale particles, by which the material properties can be influenced.

One major direction of the elastomer research at the Leibniz-Institute ofür Polymerforschung Dresden e.V. is the use of new filler concepts exceeding the state of the art and their compatibilization with the rubber matrix.

Of great importance are the interaction forces acting between the polymer and the nanoscale filler, which have a significant impact on the dispersibility of the particles, the adhesion between filler and rubber as well as the re-agglomeration of the filler particles (filler flocculation).

Polymer phases reactively generated during the processing of the rubber (e.g., polyurethane-based) can selectively alter the profile of properties of elastomer material and lead to inexpensive high-performance elastomer materials.

Head of Research Group