Thermal analysis

  • DSC Q1000 TA Instruments
  • DSC Q2500 (TA Instruments) Add-Ons: photocalorimeter, microscope
  • DSC 204 Phoenix (Netzsch)
  • Flash-DSC 1 (Mettler Toledo)
  • TGA-DSC 3+ (Mettler Toledo)

  • Advanced-Software: Thermokinetics 2 (Netzsch) for kinetic analysis and simulation of the curing behaviour of powder coatings
  • Advanced-Software: Peakseparation 3 (Netzsch)


  • Viscometer R180 (ProRheo)
  • ARES Rheometer (Rheometric Scientific): melt viscosity behavior of reactive systems (e.g. powder coatings/reactive melts) (cone/plate or plate/plate)
  • Rheometer MCR301 (Anton Paar)
  • Advanced software: ChemRheo 2 (Netzsch)


  • HAAKE™ PolyLab™ OS modular torque rheometer (Thermo Scientific)

    • Twin screw extruder Rheomex PTW 16/25 OS
    • Melt kneader Rheomix 600 OS

  • Planetary roller extruder L-WE 30/440-M2 (ENTEX Rust & Mitschke)
  • Co-kneader MKS 30-18/E 40-6 (Buss) (l/d = 20/30, throughput 10 kg/h, 250 U/min)
  • Mixing equipment for solids:

    • Fluid Mixer FM/L4 and KM 150 (Thyssen Henschel)
    • Heating-cooling-mixer combination 25 l/25 l
    • MTI Laboratory Universal Mixer Type LM 15, / 2,5 / 3,5 FU (variable container sizes 1,5 / 2,5 / 3,5 l with thermostatable double jacket vessels and variable mixer blades: butterfly mixer; 4-piece bottom mixing tool with spacer tubes


  • Dissolver Dispermat CV3 with bead mill and toothed disk stirrer (∅ 20/25/30/40/50 mm) (VMA-Getzmann)
  • Dissolver LC-30 and LC-2 (VMA-Getzmann)

Milling equipment

  • Controlled Pulverisette 14 rotor mill (Fritsch) with vibratory feeder Laborette 24
  • Mini mill Pulverisette 23 (Fritsch)
  • Multi-processing plant 100 AFG + 50 ATP + 50 ZPS (Hosokawa Alpine)

Particle size analysis

  • Vibratory and tumbler sieve machine KTS-V 450/1 1 (GKM Siebtechnik) with ultrasonic sieve cleaning during the process, sieve sizes: 65/80/100/125 µm
  • Vibration sieving machine analysette 3 spartan (Fa. Fritsch); sieves according to DIN ISO 3310/1 200 x 50 mm: 20 µm, 32 µm, 40 µm, 63 µm and 100 µm, 150 µm
  • Air jet sieve ® 200 LS-N for determining the particle size distribution according to DIN 55990 (ALPINE)
  • Laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer Helios (SYMPATEC) for particles sizes between 0.5 and 875 µm

Electrostatic powder application equipment

  • Laboratory powder equipment OptiFlex 1L with gun Optiselect, 2-l powder container and vacuum cup PBS Easy/500 ml (GEMA)
  • Tribo hand gun Tribo Jet Typ T 61 (GEMA)

Drying/Curing equipment/oven

  • Gradient oven 30-320°C with film applicator and temp-gard 8p for recording and adjusting real oven temperature curves (Byk-Gardner)
  • Laboratory air circulation drying oven FED 115 06-99778 (BINDER)
  • Air circulation drying oven UT12- Heraeus Function Line (Thermo ELECTRON CORPORATION)
  • Vacuum drying oven Heraeus vacutherm (Thermo ELECTRON CORPORATION)

Surface and film characterization

  • Fluorescence scanner F-Scanner (Fraunhofer IPM) to control the surface area cleaning state of the metal substrates
  • wave-scan dual (Byk-Gardner) for determining the surface waviness
  • Glossmeter MG-268 (Konica Minolta) for determining the surface gloss
  • Cross cut tester CC1000-1 (mtv)
  • Adhesion and scratch hardness tester (Byk-Gardner)
  • Buchholz hardness tester (Byk-Gardner)
  • Film thickness tester byko-test 8500 (Byk-Gardner)
  • Ultrasonic layer thickness meter QuintSonic 7 (ElektroPhysik)
  • Ball impact tester (ASTM 2794) (Byk-Gardner)
  • Powder layer thickness tester PosiTest PC Powder Checker (mtv messtechnik)
  • Adhesion tester PosiTest AT-A LD9300 (DeFelsko)
  • Mobile roughness tester HOMMEL-ETAMIC W5 (Jenoptik)


  • High-impedance conductivity meter HM 307(Fetronic) with resistance electrode
  • Constant climate chamber KBF 115 (BINDER GmbH)
  • Metrohm Titrando 808 automatic titration system (Deutsche Metrohm) with exchange units for the determination of acid number, OH number, epoxy equivalent and NCO content in resins by non-aqueous potentiometric titration, software Tiamo 2.5
  • Grinding and polishing machine Phoenix Beta (Bühler)
  • Universal separator Sigma 3-18KS (Sigma)

Access to further paint-specific analytical methods (e.g. Erichsen cupping and further powder characterization methods) is available in cooperation with various Dresden institutes/universities and research facilities. For special requirements, a broad spectrum of methods for polymer and surface analysis as well as for the characterization of mechanical properties is also available at the IPF (e.g. XPS, TEM, AFM, ATR-FTIR, raman spectroscopy, NMR, SEM-EDX).