Curriculum vitae


9. 4. 1956 in Brandenburg (Germany)


Study of Chemistry at the Technische Universität Dresden (specialization in chemical engineering)


Diploma graduation at the Institute of Spectroscopy and Radio Chemistry at the Technische Universität Dresden with Prof. W. E. Steger


Doctorand at the Institute of High Polymers and Textile Chemistry of the Technische Universität Dresden with Prof. W. Berger

since 1984

Senior scientist at the Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (formerly Institute of Polymer Technology)


Doctoral degree in natural sciences
Topic: Spectroscopic investigations on the radically initiated co- and terpolymerization of donor and acceptor monomers

1989 - 1999

Head of the department Self Reinforcing Polymers

1993 - 1997

Head (temporarily in charge) of the Subinstitute Macromolecular Chemistry

2000 - 2012


 since 2013

Head of the department Polymer Reactions and Blends

Guest Professor at Laboratorie des Matériaux Macromoléculaires INSA Lyon

Scientific collaborator in the department Polymer Structures


Member of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker GDCh (German ChemicalSociety)
Member of the Association of Supporters of the Institute of Polymer ResearchDresden

Private Interests

  • Acoustic guitar music
  • Table tennis