NMR structural characterization

NMR characterization of polymers and related compounds by solution and HR-MAS NMR techniques

responsible: Dr. Hartmut Komber

The research activities of the NMR laboratory within the Department of the Center of Macromolecular Structure Analysis are focused on the elucidation of the structure of newly synthesized or modified polymers mainly in solution state but also in swollen state. The field of work also includes studies on polymerisation mechanisms, supramolecular interactions and pH- and thermo-responsive behaviour of polymers.

This work covers investigations on a broad spectrum of polymers and further compounds which are mainly related to the different fields of research within the Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research but also to collaborations with external partners (see also homepage Dr. H. Komber). Close cooperation with projects dealing with polymer synthesis and enlarged service for people which are less familiar with NMR are main features of our NMR lab.

Research topics

  • Investigation of special structural features of polymers (hyperbranching, end groups, tacticity, sequence distribution), polymerization mechanisms and behaviour under different conditions (pH, temperature)
  • Application of different liquid state NMR multipulse techniques (DEPT, INEPT, HMQC, HMBC, COSY, NOESY, ROESY, EXSY, DOSY, solvent suppression, NOE and T1 measurements) also at variable temperatures
  • Investigations on 15N, 19F , 31P and other nuclei
  • Structural characterization of swollen polymeric materials using 1H and 13C high resolution (HR) MAS spectroscopy


  • NMR spectrometer Avance III 500 (Bruker Biospin)
    - three HF channels (X; 1H/19F; Y)
    - z-gradient accessories
    - inverse QNP 5 mm probe (1H; 19F; 31P; 13C) with z-gradient
    - inverse TBI 5 mm probe  (1H; 13C; 31P - 109Ag) with z-gradient
    - triple resonance 10 mm probe (1H; 31P - 109Ag; 31P)
    - HR-MAS probe for 4 mm rotors (1H; 13C; 2H lock channel) with z-gradient
    - automatic sample changer
    - variable temperature unit B-VT 3000