Title Multiple-layered effective medium approximation approach to modeling environmental effects on alumina passivated highly porous silicon nanostructured thin films measured by in-situ Mueller matrix ellipsometry
Date 05.10.2017
Number 53804
Abstract Optical changes in alumina passivated highly porous silicon slanted columnar thin films during controlled exposure to toluene vapor are reported. Electron-beam evaporation glancing angle deposition and subsequent atomic layer deposition are utilized to deposit alumina passivated nanostructured porous silicon thin films. In-situ Mueller matrix generalized spectroscopic ellipsometry in an environmental cell is then used to determine changes in optical properties of the nanostructured thin films by inspection of individual Mueller matrix elements, each of which exhibit sensitivity to adsorption. The use of a multiple-layered effective medium approximation model allows for accurate description of the inhomogeneous nature of toluene adsorption onto alumina passivated highly porous silicon slanted columnar thin films.
Publisher Applied Surface Science
Identifier 0
Citation Applied Surface Science 421 (2017) 663-666
Authors Mock, A. ; Carlson, T. ; VanDerslice, J. ; Mohrmann, J. ; Woollam, J. A. ; Schubert, E. ; Schubert, M.
Tags porous silicon ellipsometry mueller matrix adsorption in-situ

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