Personal Information

1956 born in Dresden
1975 school-leaving examination (Abitur)in Dresden
1975-1980 study of chemistry at the Merseburg Technological University specialization theoretical-physical chemistry and polymer chemistry
1980-83 research student in the departments "Polymer Chemistry" (Prof. J. Ulbricht, Prof. E. Schröder, Prof.M. Rätzsch) and "Thermodynamics" (Prof. M.T. Rätzsch, Prof.H. Kehlen, Prof. H.-J .Bittrich)
1980 diploma thesis "Scientific studies on the manufacture of monodisperse polystyrenes ofdifferent molecular weights"
1983 PhD (Dr.rer.nat.) in physical chemistry under the guidance of M.T. Rätzsch and J. Ulbricht; Merseburg Technological University: "Thermodynamics of polystyrenes"
since 1983 Scientific collaborator at the "Institut für Technologie der Fasern", today Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V.

Professional experiences

1980-83 anionic polymerization of polystyrene, characterization of polystyrene
thermodynamics of polymer solutions
1983-86 modification of thermoplastic/filler-compounds, PE/chalk-compounds
modification with maleic anhydride derivatives by reactive processing
1986-1990 aqueous polyurethane dispersions
manufacture of oligourethane bisbiurete for melt dispersion process by reactive extrusion
1991-2004 melt spinning of thermoplastic elastomers
manufacture and crosslinking of polyurethanes by reactive extrusion
since 1998 interface-reactive two-component injection molding
modification of polyurethanes by reactive extrusion