Curriculum Vitae Dr. Klaus-Jochen Eichhorn


1985                 Dissertation Dr. rer. nat., Thesis: “Ellipsometric studies of  thin oxide  layers on iron and
                         steel in model atmospheres” (magna cum laude), TU Dresden
1980 – 1985     PhD-studies in physical chemistry, Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden)

1980                 Diploma in chemistry, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Thesis: “IR spectroscopic 
  investigations of the interactions of large molecules with metals and oxides”

1975 – 1980     Study of chemistry, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena


Since 2000        Head of the Department of Analytics, within the Institute “Macromolecular Chemistry”
                         (Prof. B. Voit) at the IPF        
1998 – 1999     Director (in charge) of the Subinstitute “Physical Chemistry and Physics of Polymers” at the
1992 – 1999     Head of the Department of Analytics at the (Leibniz) Institute of Polymer Research
                         Dresden e.V. (IPF), within the Subinstitute “Physical Chemistry and Physics of Polymers”
                         (Prof. H.-J. Jacobasch)   
1990 – 1991     Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, within this Institute
1985 – 1989     Scientist at the Institute of Polymer Technology Dresden of AdW (now IPF), Topics: Liquid-
                         crystalline polymers, Modification of polyamides
1980 – 1985     Research assistant at the Dresden University of Technology, Institute of Physical
                         Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Group Prof. W. Forker


applied polymer analysis and characterization, special techniques of vibrational spectroscopy to characterize the structure of bulk polymers and polymer interfaces, hyphenated techniques, spectroscopic and imaging ellipsometry to study thin layers and structured surfaces  



  • Materials World Network (DFG/NSF) "Switchable polymer interfaces for bottom-up stimulation of mamalian cells" (Dr. Eichhorn, Prof. Stamm, Dr. Uhlmann / IPF Dresden; Dr. K. Hinrichs, Prof. N. Esser / ISAS Berlin; Prof. M. Müller / Göttingen University; Prof. S. Minko, Prof. I. Luzinov, Prof. A. Revzin /USA); 2012 - 2016
  • Partner of Heliatek GmbH within the BMBF joint project Transparent OPV-product for glass fronts (TOP); Subproject: Transparent OPV foil system, Topic: Analytics of the foil systems and organic layer stacks (Dr. Eichhorn, Dr. E. Bittrich, Dr. Uhlmann), 2015 - 2018
  • Project supported by the Leibniz Association: ”MikrOMIK: Microplastic as vector for microbial populations in the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea”, sub project: “Identification and Quantification of Microplastic in the Baltic Sea” (Dr. K.-J. Eichhorn, A. Käppler, Dr. D. Fischer,  Prof. B. Voit / IPF; in cooperation with Dr. M. Labrenz / IOW, Prof. Laforsch / Uni Bayreuth; Dr. G. Gerdts / AWI Helgoland; Dr. B. Scholz-Böttcher / Uni Oldenburg); 2014 – 2017


Thomas Bayer (1999), Detlev Beyerlein (2002), Yulia Mikhailova (2006), Senta Reichelt (2008), Michael Erber (2010), Annegret Jentsch (2015), Frank Windisch (since 2014), Andrea Käppler (since 2014)


- Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG);  AIF, DBU

- More than 10 Journals as Macromol. Chem. Phys., Vibrational Spectroscopy, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chem., Colloid & Polymer Sci., Thin Solid Films, Polymer, Acta Biomaterialia, J. of Colloid and Interface Sci, Appl. Surface Sci, Applied Spectroscopy, Analytical Methods, Beilstein J. of Nanotechnology, Environmental Pollution


Member of GDCh (German Chemical Society), Division of Analytical Chemistry
Member of DAAS (German Workgroup of Analytical Spectroscopy) within the GDCh
Board member of AKE (German Workgroup of Ellipsometry - Paul Drude e.V.)
Member of the Program Committee of the International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (2010, Albany/USA; 2013, Kyoto/Japan: 2016 Berlin/Germany)


Co-Chairman of 7th Dresden Polymer Discussion“(1999, Meissen, Germany)
Chairman of the 14th European Symposium on Polymer Spectroscopy- ESOPS14 (2002, Dresden, Germany) and Member of Int. Advisory Board of ESOPS
Chairman of the 8th Workshop Ellipsometry (2014, Dresden, Germany)