Curriculum vitae

1969 - 1973 Study of Physics at Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena
1973 Masters (''Diplom'') in Theoretical Physics
topic: ''quantum electrodynamics and non-linear optics''
1973 -1978 Research Assistant at the Technical University (TH) Merseburg, Department of Polymer Physics, group of Prof. G. Helmis
1977 PhD in Polymer Physics
topic: ''mechanical properties of polymer networks and statistical-mechanical approaches''
1979 -1986 Assistant Professor (Oberassistent)
1980 - 1990 Lectures in Polymer Physics, Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics at the TH Merseburg
1984 Facultas docendi
1986 Habilitation in Theoretical Physics at the TH Merseburg
topic: theory of polymer networks and topological constraints of network chains
1987 - 1990 Associate Professor (ordentlicher Hochschuldozent) for Theoretical Physics
1987 Visiting scientist at the Institute of Polymer Physics, Charles University of Prague
1990 - 2002 Continental AG, Hannover; Senior Research Scientist; Head of Materials Research/Strategic Technology
1991 - 1996 Lecturer for ''Physics and Technology of Polymers'' at the University Hannover, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (Prof. M. Hallensleben)
since 2002 Lecturer for ''Elastomer Materials and Testing'' within the Master course ''Applied Polymer Science'' at the Martin-Luther-University Halle/Wittenberg
2003 - 2016 Full Professor for ''Polymer Materials Science'' at the Technical University Dresden, Institute of Materials Science; and Head of the Institute of Polymer Materials at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden e. V. (IPF)
since 2017 Senior-Professor at TU Dresden / Faculty Mechanical Engineering