Responsive and bioactive polymers / hydrogels

Prof. Brigitte Voit, Dr. Dietmar Appelhans

  • Synthesis of polymers and hydrogels with covalently and physically bound bioactive and biological components as well as studies of their use in bioactive surfaces (PDF, 99 KB) and for cell cultures, as hemocompatible coatings or for suppression of biofouling; these activities are carried out in close cooperation with the groups in the Max-Bergmann Centre
  • Preparation and development of water soluble multifunctional biohybrid structures  and bioactive polymer systems with (oligo)saccharide units which can be used as carrier systems and specific polyelectrolytes; studies of their interactions with proteins, cell membranes (PDF, 162 KB) and DNA molecules
  • More details for dendritic polymers with oligosaccharide architectures (PDF, 104 KB)

see also Biocative and Responsive Polymers