Polymers for Microelectronics/Organic Electronics

Prof. Brigitte Voit, Doris Pospiech, Anton Kiriy

Polymers have played an important role in the microelectronics with respect to the patterning with photo resists. The gradual downsizing of the structures requires the development (exploration) of new photo patterning polymers which meet the technical standards with respect to the short-wave irradiation sources. Furthermore, new concepts for the creation of nanostructured materials have to be investigated. For example, the self organization of block copolymers has an enormous potential for large-scale applications. Micro-phase separated block copolymers can be used as templates as well as substrates with functionalities (bottom-up approach).

Microelectronic as well as the organic electronic are a big challenge for the material science. Polymers with tuneable dielectric constants, long-term stable high efficient electro conductive and photo conductive materials are of importance for these applications.

The following themes are addressed in the depts. Polymer Structures and Polymer Reactions and Blends:

  • Polymers with low capacitivity constants for use in microelectronics and organic electronics

    • Hyperbranched polyphenylenes
    • Hyperbranched semifluorinated polyphenylethers
    • Nano-porous systems (e.g. hyperbranched pore forming materials)