Modification of Fibers

Spinning equipment for the melt spinning of glass fibers, simultaneous spinning of glass/polymer filaments (hybrid yarn) (hybrid yarn/SpinCOM)

Leibniz Application Laboratory

  • Spinning of E-glass, AR-glass and special glasses
  • Hybrid yarns from spinnable polymers, e. g. PP, PLA, PBT, PA, PPS
  • Hybrid yarns for Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP)






Surface modification of reinforcing fibers by application of sizings and coatings

  • Application during the spinning process and/or as coating in the subsequent process step by a foulard
  • Producing multifunctional fiber surfaces through the use of nanoparticles (z.B. CNTs, graphenes) in sizings and polymer coatings
  • Resistance of glass fibers in an alkaline environment

Fiber-reinforced composite materials with duromeric, thermoplastic and mineral-bonded matrices




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